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יום עיון - בהוקרה לפועלה של ד"ר דיתה פדרמן



workshop Denise

לרישום נא למלא את הטופס מצ"ב: https://goo.gl/forms/zveZwO4L5IGeeSE63


ברכות לדוקטוראנטיות החדשות שלנו: ד"ר נטע רם, ד"ר גלית זנה וד"ר ליאת שמרי

our doctorants


 סטודנטית שלנו, נעמה רוט, הציגה את המחקר שלה "דפוסי שינה של ילדי פנימיות וביטויים בציורים" בכנס IPSA 2018 http://ipsa2018.com/symposium-7 בפריז. הנושא העלה הרבה עניין בתחום טיפול באמנות בקרב אנשי רפואה וחוקרי שינה 

Our former student, Naama Roth presented her research "How do you sleep? Sleep Patterns as Reflected in Drawings of Young Adolescents Living in Residential Care Facilites Compared to those Living at Homeat a IPSA conference in Paris. http://ipsa2018.com/symposium-7/



Congratulations to Prof. Ines Testoni, our new Research Associate

inesInes Testoni is Associate Professor of Social Psychology (M-PSI/05), at the FISPPA Department (University of Padua) – Registered Psychologist and Psychotherapist. She is member of Associations, among which: AIP; the Permanent Commission for Avviso Pubblico; CIRSG Interdepartmental Research Centre; Italian Centre for Sexology (CIS); International Council of Psychologists (ICP); World Association of Cultural Psychiatry WACP; Italian Association of Psychology of Religion (SIPR); IATS; CIRSF and many others. She is member / guarantor / director of various scientific committees, among which: the Institute of Psychotherapy National Association EcoBioPsicologia (ANEB), the Centre for Studies of Human Services (CISSPE), the Fepto Research Committee, Italian Society of Psycho-oncology (SIPO) for Medical Humanities; Society for Study of Personality Disorders (SDP); and of the Scientific Committees of 8 Conferences and of 4 Journals. 
She is Director and coordinator of High Formation Course “Per il Contrasto Sociale alle Mafie”, (“For contrast to the Social Mafia”) and of the Post-Graduate Master: “Death Studies & the End of Life: Studies on Death and Dying for Support and Coaching”. She has tough in 35 national University courses, among which the international one: “How to enhance group interaction” Local Development, Coimbra network. She was visiting Professor at Universidade De Caxias do Sul (UCS), Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. She is a referee of many national and international scientific journals, and president or member of juries for 20 university competitions. 
She led many national projects, was part of an international project between Italy and Brazil, and has directed two European projects. 
The fields of research are the following: the relationship between familism and traditional values based on the subordination of women; “Bad social capital” and cultural deprivation; the Mafia phenomena and social consequences of honour and customary codes; trust and managing the complexity of the law. Social psychology of education: social cultural psychology and philosophy; inter-institutional partnerships for education. Gender studies and gender-based violence: domestic violence, treatment of victims and perpetrators, psychodrama and educational preventive practices against gender-based violence. Death Studies: social psychology of health and psycho-thanatology – death education – anticipatory mourning; theory of adult attachment and mourning/grief processing; grief processing counselling and therapy; social constructs of the representation of death; representations of death and social constructs of the dynamics of youths self-harm behaviors: drug addiction, anorexia and suicide; psychosocial factors of suicide. 
She is the author of many national and international operas: about 50 article, 30 contribute in collective books, 10 volumes and has edited 10 volumes.



מאמר חדש של טלי סטולובי, מפתחת שיטת "Styling Therapy"


קישור למאמר בגולבס



Mrs. Ziva Barel-Shoshani, a doctoral student at the School of Creative Arts Therapies gave a conference named

Distinguishing change in self-perception by Self-Figure Drawings in subjects who underwent different breast cancer treatments

at the 8th European Breast Congress that took place in Rome, December 4th and 5th, 2017


גב' זיוה בראל-שושני, דוקטורנטית בבית ספר לאמנויות הציגה הרצאה בשם: 

הבחנה בשינוי בתפיסה העצמית בקרב נשים שעברו טיפולים שונים למחלת סרטן השד  על ידי ציור עצמי

בכנס 8th European Breast Congress  שהתקיים ברומא ב4 ו-5 בדצמבר 2017

לתקציר ההרצאה



Join our new project - KitCat


The Emili Sagol Creative Arts Therapies Research Center is proud to present a recently launched innovative project that will help disperse practice-based knowledge among professionals, encourage professionals to develop new tools, measures, and therapeutic techniques, and validate existing evaluation measures.

We are currently collecting practice-based knowledge, methods of assessment, and intervention techniques in the field of creative arts therapies.

The goal of this project is to distribute this knowledge between social service providers, policy makers, and researchers, in a way that will benefit both society and professionals. These resources will be available via an internet database, the creative arts therapies kit, named KIT CAT (Knowledge Intervention Techniques in Creative Arts Therapies).

Professionals in the fields of creative arts therapies and social work are invited to contribute their developments to this database. The material will be peer reviewed before publication. We are looking for new data in the form of videos, photos, articles and any other format. All original material will be protected and all credit will be given to the appropriate parties.

We believe it is time for practitioners and professional in the field of creative arts therapies to share their knowledge and innovations with the world (within Israel and abroad), in order to better the lives of their clients.

If you are interested in taking part in our interactive learning manual and receive instructions for submissions to the database, please send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We look forward to collaborating with you.

Please publish modules in offcanvas position.